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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2008

(11.3 MB)
The complete source of Loctite® adhesives,
sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing &
curing equipment available only from Henkel
> Download Sourcebook by Section

Adhesives and Sealants for Panel Assembly

(5.16 MB)
Adhesive and Sealant products for Panel Assembly,
including laminating adhesives, specialty coatings,
surface treatments, and more.

Alodine® EC2™ Brochure

(1.99 MB)
Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating delivers
benefits throughout the entire coating process and
over the life of your coated products. When
protection is essential from the forces of nature or the
forces of man, Alodine® EC2™ can withstand the
most extreme conditions, prolonging the ability of
your aluminum, titanium and light metal components
to perform at optimum levels. Heat, cold, salt, gas, oil
and water are no match for Alodine® EC2™.

Loctite® Flashcure® Adhesives

(0.26 MB)
Flashcure® Light Curing Cyanoacrylates–another
revolutionary innovation from Henkel. These
patented adhesives cure in seconds when exposed
to light.

Hysol® Hot Melt Adhesives and Equipment

(0.72 MB)
Henkel has expanded its Loctite® Hysol® Hot Melt
offerings to include a complete line of adhesives,
hand held dispensers, and a new line of bulk Hot
Melt equipment.

Loctite® Thread Treatment Sticks Kit

(0.19 MB)
Ordering information for the Loctite® Thread
Treatment Sticks Kit, a collection of all five products
offered in this innovative line in one convenient

Loctite® Adhesive Connection System

(0.63 MB)
Learn the components and applications of the
Loctite® Adhesive Connection System. This patent
pending process is specially formulated for bonding
light gauge steel building components.

Go Lead-Free Materials Guide

(0.79 MB)
Henkel’s ‘Lead-Free That Works’ initiative is ready
for action, minimizing the risks of conversion, and
giving you the confidence to introduce new lead-free
products and services quickly, in high volumes, and
at high quality from the outset.

Loctite® Speedbonder™ Structural Acrylic Adhesives

(1.75 MB)
The typical uses for Loctite Speedbonder Structural
Adhesives, as well as the benefits they can provide
for a variety of industrial assembly applications. The
brochure also contains information on related
dispensing equipment.

Loctite® Instant Adhesives

(3.16 MB)
Loctite® Instant Adhesives provided instant solutions
to a myriad of assembly challenges, including those
using plastics, elastomers and metals. This brochure
describes the features and applications of the
products in this line.

Structural Products for Composite Assembly

(1.01 MB)
A guide to Henkel’s structural products for composite
assembly, including films, pastes and adhesives.

Loctite® Fluid Compatibility Chart

(0.06 MB)
A Fluid Compatibility Chart for metal threaded fittings
sealed with Loctite® Sealants.


Sealant cord



Power Plant

General Assembly


Backing Compound

Resistant Coating


General Manufacturing

Instant Adhesives


Hybrid Adhesive

Structural Bonding





Surface Treatment

Maintenance Solution

Henkel Brochure

Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Pipe Repair

Polyurethane Adhesives

Specialty Vehicle

Lighting Industry





Loctite Supplier Information

2008 Distributor Shipping Guide

The Distributor Shipping Guide provides assistance
in properly identifying, preparing, and offering Henkel
products for transport. Each item has been assigned
a unique mode-specific ‘Transport Code’, pertaining
to transportation via Domestic Ground and Air
transport. Instructions on marking and Labeling
examples for each of the Transport Codes are
included. In addition, the guide contains a list of the
associated Bill of Lading descriptions to cross-
reference an item number with the proper Hazardous
Material Shipping Description (if applicable), and/or
the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC).

Loctite Barcode Specifications

One of the significant missions of Henkel is to
implement comprehensive bar coding and Electronic
Data Interchange (EDI) programs with our suppliers


Product Selector Guide for the Aerospace Industry

(1.19 MB)
The aerospace group of Henkel develops structural
adhesives and metal and composite surfacing
treatments that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO

Structural Adhesive Solutions from Henkel

(1.50 MB)
From one-component, heat-cured adhesives to two-
component, room-temperature-curing structural
adhesives, Henkel develops advanced technologies
and provides superior service to the automotive and
transportation industries.

Jet Engine Cleaning Technologies from Henkel

(0.37 MB)
A chart listing Henkel products for the cleaning of jet
engine components.

Hysol® Core Splices

(0.50 MB)
A guide to Henkel Core Splices, a class of foaming
film adhesives. Key features, chemistries and
product configurations.

Hysol® Liquid Shims

(0.37 MB)
A guide to the aerospace applications of Hysol®
Liquid Shims, epoxy-based materials that possess
extreme high compressive strengths.